Vital statistics
Position Former Moderator
Age 19
Status Alive, Former Member
Physical attributes
Height 6'1-ish
Weight somewhere in the 250 lb territory
Majora4Prez, or "Majora" for short, is one of the original members of the Skub Club, having met the other first-generation Skubs back on Slag Gaming's Advanced Weaponizer 2 server. She later recruited some of her real-life friends--Lunalutra, Bellia25, and Freefall--into the Club.

Since being bestowed the position of moderator by Bennehh, Majora has become notorious for her frequent but non-malicious admin aboose, including such behaviors as noclipping, activating "happy mode" on others either on request or because she doesn't like them, faking killfeed and boss spawn messages, and killing players with exploding pumpkins. Other habits of hers include lennying in the chat, micspamming with HLDJ, and getting into political/ideological arguments with Bennehh.

Eventually differing ideologies and growing discomfort with the Skub environment led Majora to leave the Skub Club.

Primarily Played Games Edit

Games Majora played with the Skub Club

  • Team Fortress 2
  • Left for Dead 2
  • Pretend You're Xyzzy
  • Board Game Online

Favorite Genres

  • RPGs, both Japanese and Western
  • non-cookie-cutter FPSs
  • basically anything Nintendo makes