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Luna's Toon that he uses for an avatar most places
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Or 'Luna' is a somewhat regular on the Skub Club, and the creator of the Skub Club Wiki.

His hobbies include trying to keep everyone from fighting, and discouraging the use of slurs and swears, while cussing his own ass off once the clock strikes ten.

He likes drawing, and is probably the most regular artist on the Skub Club. Drawing members from time to time, and using his cartoon avatar as his key identifier.

He aspires to be a game designer in his future, and is currently enrolled in college studying that field.

Previous/Other Usernames Edit

Luna goes by @Luna_Lutra on twitter, as his normal username was taken on that site, however he doesn't use his twitter much, so that doesn't really matter.

Primarily Played Games Edit

Skub games Luna primarily plays are

  • Team Fortress 2 (poorly)
  • Lethal League

General Genres Luna likes are

  • Horror
  • 'RPG Collectathons'